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WvStringList Class Reference

#include <wvstringlist.h>

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Detailed Description

This is a WvList of WvStrings, and is a really handy way to parse strings. If you ever find yourself using strtok(3) or strpbrk(3), or find yourself needing to parse a line of input, WvStringList, WvStringList::split(), and WvStringList::popstr() are probably what you want, and avoid all sorts of nasty security bugs caused by doing it any other way.

Definition at line 25 of file wvstringlist.h.

Public Member Functions

void append (WvString *strp, bool autofree, char *id=NULL)
void append (WvStringParm str)
void fill (const char *const *array)
WvString join (const char *joinchars=" ") const
WvString popstr ()
void split (WvStringParm s, const char *splitchars=" \t\r\n", int limit=0)
void splitstrict (WvStringParm s, const char *splitchars=" \t\r\n", int limit=0)
 WvStringList ()

Private Member Functions

 WvStringList (const WvStringList &l)

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